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My Dearest Greg,

Today marks 4 years since the last time I set eyes on you, the last time I kissed you or touched you and the last time we told each other I Love You. The boys and I talk about you every chance we get. You are not forgotten; I just saw Ed this week and we both cannot believe it has been 4 years. You are not just missed by the boys and I you are missed by our friends and my family.

This year since the anniversary landed over the weekend, I thought I would surprise the boys with a visit from their favorite two people. Abby and Andrew came down and surprised them last night. As soon as they walked in the house Matthew ran up the stairs trying to hide from Abby but of course Abby ran right after him this is their little game. Gregory just sat there could not believe they were here. If you could have seen their faces it was priceless. Even Lightening and Bay were excited to see them they would not leave them alone. This reminds me of the last family vacation we had together up at John and Colleens where we got to spend the week in the camper. The boys were so happy that they got to stay in the camper, ride their quads and go on an overnight fishing trip with Andrew and you. This morning Andrew and Pat took the boys fishing over at Huntington Park while Abby and I went to mass. Then they will be spending the afternoon riding the quads around the house. Andrew is going to show Gregory how to use the clutch on his quad.

With this surprise I wanted to show the boys that they don’t just have me, but they have many people that are there for them, especially our closest and dearest friends. They are not just friends they are family and they would do anything for the boys and me. They are the ones who will carry on teaching the boys the things you loved, fishing, hunting, hiking, cooking, etc. They also will share the story of you and keep your memory alive.

We love you to the moon and back forever and ever

Melissa, Gregory and Matthew

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